Jan. 9th, 2011

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I am currently reading the autobiography of Judith Krantz, entitled Sex and Shopping: The Confessions of a Nice Jewish Girl.

(What?  Don't look at me like that.  A) I plain old love Judith Krantz, and actually find renewed faith in humanity given that her books are as popular as they are.  B) Given that I am in Paris, and oscillating between ridiculous glee and wondering what all the fuss is about, I figured that her autobiography would be a great resource, given that all of her books feature scenes of ardent love for the city.)

Anyway.  In her autobiography, written in 1998 apparently, she mentions having been born in 1928, and crows over being 70.  And ... her Wikipedia page lists her birth-date but not her death-date, which leads me to assume that at what I calculate to be the delightful age of 83 or so (precisely so, since according to the autobiography her birthday is today- happy birthday, Ms. Krantz!), she is hale and hearty.

People.  My birthday is in a month and change, and my dearest birthday wish would be to meet Judith Krantz.  I am not kidding, not even a little bit.  The wonder of my literary circle has gotten me introduced to everybody from Peter Straub to Chris Claremont, so ... anybody here a friend of Judy's?  Friend of a friend of a friend?  If so, give her my felicitations for a delightful natal day, and ask her if she has plans for the 21st of February ....

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