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So I mentioned the whole lead-poisoning, moving-into-hotels thing, but I don't think I mentioned the moving home bit yet.

It is really disconcerting to move back into your own house.  Why did we?  Well, largely because I fell madly in love with it when I found it, against all reason and all comers: the Gnu hates the noise, and I'm not a big fan of (translation: violently hate) my landlord these days, but between the high ceilings and the view of the Ansonia, the thought of leaving made me very sad.  And, well, at least this way, once we made our way through the bloody abatement process, we'd know the place was lead-free, 100%. 

That said - aside from my landlord behaving dreadfully when it comes to things like paying our movers for having to schlep our things out and back again - it is really weird to move back into a space I once inhabited.  Like, you can't go home again weird, only, it turns out, you can.  And then you can persistently hang your coat on the ghost of the hook that used to hang there.  Or, not, as the case may be.

It's good to be home, but, man ... weird.

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