Mar. 20th, 2011

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  I:

1) Sat by the pool bar with the cool kids and talked about everything under the sun for hours and hours

2) Presented side-by-side with Jeana Jorgensen and Jessica Jernigan, which was a pleasure and a delight

3) Heard a number of lovely papers - for one, Christina Phillips of Harvard gave an excellent reading of James and the Giant Peach, among other texts - and one that was both excellent and interdisciplinary enough that I think it would make an excellent addition to Interfictions 0  No, I'm not telling you who gave it until I manage to correspond with the author: the only thing worse than getting scooped as a scholar, I think, is getting scooped as an editor

4) Wore a gorgeous long gown of raw red silk to the banquet to general acclaim and the internal satisfaction of having acquired said gown at a vintage shop for twenty whole dollars

5) and, last but certainly not least, came home with the crud.

Every con, there's an outbreak of con-crud.  It's the natural result of cramming a couple of hundred people into an enclosed space for vociferous socialization and up-close vocalization.  The symptoms may differ, but the souvenir that keeps on giving is inevitable.  This year, I started feeling a little apprehensive when the third presenter in a row mentioned that they were a little hoarse "from all the shouting."  Go, paranoia: now I sound rather like a teenage boy whose balls have finally dropped.  Hopefully this will pass by Wednesday: I'm going to another conference, and I would, a) hate to give them the wrong impression, or, b) continue the cycle.  

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