Mar. 1st, 2011

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Rejoice, friends, for today marks the passing of an era - or, at least, a truly epic hairball.

See, Sylvie-the-Cat is an incredibly plush cat.  Like, if you were to somehow Dr. Moreau the texture of rabbit fur to the denseness of, like, angels dancing on the head of a pin, you'd have Sylvie.  The one time I saw her soaked with water, she shrank to half her size.  She's not a fluffy cat like a Persian: more like a Chartreuse, or something, and she sheds like a mad bastard.  I never used to be The Lady With the Cat Hair, despite having been a cat owner for over a decade: since getting Sylvie, I've invested in a lint brush for every room (and it still isn't enough: I wear a lot more white, now).  Yet, despite all this, Sylvie had never had a hairball in the three years she's lived with me.

At least, not successfully. 

The same impulse that made you read that article on zit-popping is tempting you to peek beneath the cut. )
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Ever doubt that anti-Semitism is alive and well and living in America?  Then read this.

No, not the article about John Galliano slurring about his love for Hitler and how we all should have been gassed, silly!  The comments thread.

There are two distinct varieties of implied disdain verging on outright dislike.  They are:

A) Have you noticed no one ever gets fired for insulting ____?  But say something about a Jew, and, well. 


NYT #64 - Hmm...I have to wonder, if he'd made anti-Arabic slurs or comments, would he have received the same treatment? Or is that in a different category from anti-Semitic remarks?


NYT #77 - If you want to know the identity of the real rulers of your society, simply ask yourself this question:

Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?


NYT #84 - If he made equivalent comments about Muslims or Arabs, he'd got only a slap on the wrist if (and it's a big IF) there was any media coverage at all. Just sayin'...


NYT #90 - One question. Has anyone been fired or dismissed for saying anything bad about any group other than Jews? The Yankee stadium singer, Ronan, for an off-hand remark was ruined. Helen Thomas - in advancing years as well - was canned for saying what she thought.Are all ethnic groups treated this way? Why do I not think so?

These are so common it's actually not worth it to track any more of them.

B) Freedom of speech!  The man's being persecuted!  This overlaps neatly with, "Oh, well, he was just drunk.  It's not like he meant it."  You know, over the course of a long and glorious career of imbibing intoxicants, I've never burst out with anything I didn't on some level believe.  Funny, that.  It makes me wonder what kind of open sewers these people's mind must be, if their first though is that, if this sort of thing becomes a trend, the next time they spout off about whichever group it is they hate, there might be consequences unless we have some compassion for the poor, misunderstood bigots.


NYT #5 - Mnnn...The poor man drunk. Everyone us have said stupid things. What he said was stupid disgraceful however we should be able to live with it. Give the man a break.

NYT #41 - Poor John........he has been needing help for quite some time but where was everyone? The rants were obviously coming from a very drunken place which is not the same as being antisemitic. Natalie Portman should show empathy and compassion instead of jumping on the accusation bandwagon.

NYT #275 - O.k. readers. I certainly hope that somebody will be recording your next "error in judgenment" and post it on You-Tube with your name and address. And I hope it goes "viral" with millions of "views". Then you may be able to scrape up a little compassion for J.G. ....if you are human.

NYT #326 - And isn't there a bit of prejudice in us all. Natalie Portman comes off as this female who cannot take this comment for what reason-the mere fact that she states that "she is proud to be Jewish" is an indication to me that she is not so proud - for, in my opinion, if she were she would have no need to strike back so forcefully.

And, as a bonus, glorious C) Who cares?


#198 - As if what he said has not been thought or said of any number of groups before.

What is the big deal? The same has been said of Arabs, Blacks, Orientals...

Orientals.  That one's from Canada, in case you want to be depressed about the entire North American hemisphere, and not just the USA.

Honestly, people.  I weep.

P.S. - Here's a link to the original video: believe me when I say you do not want to wade into the cesspool that is the comments thread on that.

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