Feb. 14th, 2011

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An update without any real content:

- I love Sephora for giving me a "birthday present" when I wandered in to buy an eye pencil, because they keep one's "birthday month" in one's file.  I think it's very clever of them to have used Philosophy's "Happy Birthday!" shower/bath gel.  That said ... it doesn't foam nearly as much as the other varieties I've bought from Philosophy, and I do find myself wondering if this is how they use up out-of-date-stock.

- That said, I do genuinely and without any equivocation love the new eye pencil, as well as the nice young woman who taught me to do cool new things with it.  Sephora sales-people fascinate me.  They're always wearing the most wonderfully outrageous looks (I assume this is company policy), and, with the rare exception, they never look as awkward or unhappy about it as do 99% of the people I see in uniform (Wall Street suits, you're included).  It's apparently one of the rare positions where preference meets obligation.  I feel similarly about my tweed and elbow patches and all ... but I have to admit, it would be cool to be able to wear glitter mascara to work without anybody batting an eye.

(Well, except for me, I presume.)

- Has anybody ever figured out why cats bat at your face when you're petting them?  Is that, like, just to get your attention?  Or is it "I like it when you put your forepaws on my head, here, allow me to return the favor?"

- Am writing an article on unicorns for Fantasy.  Unicorns!  All my dreams of what I would do When I Grew Up are now come true.

- Hey, it's Valentine's Day!  I cannot think of a better thing for you to read (if have not not already, or, frankly, even if you have, as it's one of those things I like to make an annual ritual out of) than her essay On Valentine's Day.  To quote:

This is a great holiday. It's pure physical, sensual pleasure, divorced from any dogma at this point. Saint whatever. Pass the sex and food.

... think about it for a second. In the midst of winter, we are encouraged to come together and have sex (let's not be coy.) To escape the snow and ice in each others' bodies. The colors are red and rose and white--the colors of fire in the winter, of blood, of flesh, survival even in the barren times. We exchange hearts, the very vital core of our bodies. It is the last holiday before spring, to remind us that the fertile world will come again, with flowers and sweetness and love. Even surrounded by death, by blood on the snow, be it St. Valentine's blood or your own, life will win out. The traditional food is chocolate--which can be preserved through the winter and does not rot, full of sugar and fat which keep our bodies going through lean times. This holiday is as old as time: o world, even in the freezing storm, come together, make love, make children, feast, smile, and know the sun is coming soon.

Right on!  Sing it, sister!

Right, then.  I'm off to get my work obligations out of the way, so I can follow my marching orders.  Go forth and do likewise!
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If you're attending ICFA and you haven't booked your room yet, book NOW - the hotel doesn't guarantee the room rate after the 12th.  They still provided it when I called and booked just now (phew!), so, on the off-chance I'm not the only sluggard out there ... fair warning!

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